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BEST Academy Accredited, Public Charter School

Fully Accredited, Tuition-Free,​ Public Charter School

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Accredited Homeschool & Independent Study Learning Programs Designed for Elementary School, Middle School, & High School Students

  • Curriculum & Enrichment funds:

    • $3,800 HS students​

    • $3,500 MS & ES students

  • Families select learning resources to meet goals
  • "I Can" learning objectives
  • Monthly teacher-student meetings
  • Field Trips
  • Academic Supports
BEST Academy Vision
BEST Academy

BEST Academy Vision

Provide a flexible, personalized learning education

Meet the unique needs of each child

Foster a love of learning

Build a strong sense of self

Connect. Discover. Engage.
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Students in a Science Class
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Fully Accredited 

Anytime, Anywhere