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board of directors

Brookfield Engineering Science Technology Academy is honored to have high-quality individuals with educational and industry expertise serve as Board of Directors in supporting our students and educational communities. Developing the appropriate policies to ensure those fundamentals are maintained, the Board of Directors consists of respected leaders in Southern California communities that are committed to providing high-quality educational options for BEST Academy students.


Joseph Cipres

Joseph has 25+ years of educational leadership experience. During his tenure, Joseph held positions as a 5-8th grade GATE teacher, Middle School Interventionist, Community Day Middle School Teacher, HS Alternative Math Teacher, Track and Field Coach, TOSA, Vice Principal, Director, and a Dietician. Before retiring, Joseph was a strong voice and advocate for children requiring alternative settings and educational approaches. He structured programs to include social emotional supports, differentiated instruction, varied assessment, and continuous feedback. Joseph’s philosophy has been to learn from the past, work in the present and strive for a better future. Now as a retired Educator, a husband and father, he shares his learning as a mentor to the local university. He volunteers his time to the church, community and the city.

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Marcella Nino

Information coming soon.

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Debra Webb

Debra is an accomplished Elementary School Teacher with 30 years experience in which she taught all grade levels, kindergarten through 6th grade. She has received her Master of Arts in Teaching, specializing in Best Practices from National University in 2010, with an emphasis on Authentic Learning. Throughout her career, she has been successful in classroom management, student evaluations, and test preparation, as well as, improving student learning outcomes by adapting lesson plans to students’ needs and learning modalities. In addition, she has been a winning speech team coach, GATE instructor, and has developed a special art curriculum called Mimicking the Masters. Since retirement, she has tutored far below grade level children, taught theater arts to 4 and 5 year olds through CYT, and has been actively involved in her church.

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Gary McCloskey

Gary has served as a Teacher of grades 2-8, including single subject English, Vice  Principal, Principal, Area Superintendent, and Executive Director of Data and GATE for over 38 years in public education. He holds a Master’s Degree in Curriculum and Instruction. Gary is an advocate for students. Although he is retired, Gary still works part time at Point Loma University as a Clinical Supervisor, and Adjunct Professor of Secondary Literacy. Recently he began volunteering at the Barrio Logan College Institute where he mentors high school students.


Chad Leptich

After receiving a Bachelors Degree from Fort Lewis in Durango, CO, Chad went to work for as an accountant at a Fortune 500 company located in Mexico. He then earned a Master’s in Business Administration while working in the fuel distribution industry.  After entering into school business, Leptich completed the CASBO training certification for the title of Chief Business Officer (CBO). Leptich is now the Chief Business Officer for Julian Union School District with experience in how Charter Schools operate in today’s environment. Chad Leptich also holds a Customs Broker License which was used in the distribution industry.

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