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Entrepreneur Career Pathway Courses

Entrepreneurship 1A

Entrepreneurship 1A: Introduction

Starting a business is more than just having a good idea. Successful entrepreneurs know how to use and apply fundamental business concepts to turn their ideas into thriving businesses. Explore topics such as identifying the best business structure, business functions and operations, finance, business laws, regulations, and more! If you have ever dreamed of making a business idea a reality, take the time to establish a solid foundation of business skills to make your business dreams come true!

Business Ownership 1A

Business Ownership 1A: Introduction

Do you dream of a future where you can have creative freedom, working in an industry you love, where you can get up every morning excited about the day will bring? In this course, you’ll learn the skills you’ll need in order to take your dream and transform it into a successful business. You’ll explore foundations like generating ideas to qualifying opportunities, analyzing the market, and identifying skills for successful deployment. You’ll learn to keep your business rolling and growing through effective workplace leadership and training while incorporating technological innovations to keep your business competitive. Are you ready to turn your dreams into reality? Let’s get goaling!

Entrepreneurship 1B

Entrepreneurship 1B: Make Your Idea a Reality

You have the business idea; now it’s time to go from dream to reality. Throughout this course, you’ll explore different topics representing the major parts of a business plan, such as risk, hiring, pricing, marketing, and more. By completing activities, you’ll create a viable document you can use to help you start your business by the end of the course. Let’s bring your dream to life!

Business Ownership 1B

Business Ownership 1B: Reach for the Stars

You’ve defined your business and made a plan to launch your vision, and now, it’s time to turn that business into a well-oiled machine! In this course, you’ll familiarize yourself with tried-and-true strategies for success! You’ll distinguish market segments, develop the appropriate market mix, brand your business, create a top-notch customer service environment, and calculate financial factors for the crucial first year- and every year after! Owning a booming business doesn’t happen by accident. Let’s learn what it takes and execute on the essentials to turn your business vision into a reputable reality!

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