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Engaging Enrichment Activities & Programs

We understand independent study and homeschool learning involves more than just academics. In addition to receiving an exceptional academic education, BEST Academy students have the opportunity to participate in enrichment academies, arts, athletics, field trips and clubs where they explore extracurricular interests and activities with the flexibility to benefit from a complete school experience. We encourage social development that's learned through enrichment activities, clubs, and workshops and encourage students to participate in activities where they can develop strengths and talents and connect extracurricular or career interests with the flexibility of an online, independent study learning program.

Elementary School

Clubs & Workshops

  • Around the World, Foreign Language Club

  • Bookworm Buddies Book Club

  • Home Economics

  • Intro to Codesters

  • Python 1

  • Python 2

  • Ready, Set, Steps Club

  • Young Authors

  • Zumba Club

Middle School

Clubs & Workshops 

  • Adventures in Reading Club

  • Cooking Club

  • Cooking Workshop

  • Spanish Club

  • Game Creation & Design Workshop

  • Good Eats Club

  • Origami Club

  • Oceans First Club

  • Pointillism/Art Workshop

  • Ready, Set, Steps Club

  • Spanish Club

High School

Clubs & Workshops

  • Adobe Users Club

  • Architecture & Construction Club

  • American Sign Language Club

  • Book of the Month

  • Chess Club

  • Coding Club

  • Drone Pilot Club

  • French Club

  • Future Business Leaders Club

  • Future Nurses Club

  • Future Teachers / Educators Club

  • Game Developers Club

  • German Club

  • History Club

  • Stock Investors Club

  • Journalism Club

  • Origami Club

  • Photography Club

  • Ready, Set, Steps Club

  • Spanish Club

  • Student Council

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