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Nursing Assistant Career Pathway Courses

Medical Terminology 1A

Medical Terminology 1A: Introduction

Learning the language is essential for careers in health science. Join word parts to form medical terms, associations within body systems, and better communicate with colleagues and patients. Build your proficiency and confidence with this course and prepare yourself for a career in health sciences.

Medical Assistant 1A

Medical Assistant 1A: Introduction

It takes a strong team to offer top-notch patient care, and each team member plays in integral role. Are you a team player interested in coordinating patient care? Then a career as a medical assistant may be right for you! In this course, you will acquire medical terminology, investigate anatomy and physiology, learn keys to professionalism in an office setting, and explore office roles while building a professional portfolio. Let’s learn what it takes to fill the important shoes of a medical assistant today!

Medical Terminology 1B

Medical Terminology 1B: Discovering Word Foundations

Discover the medical terminology associated with even more body systems to increase your ability to master prefixes, suffixes, and roots. Connect this language to real-world patients and clinical settings through practical applications and specific scenarios. Launch your health knowledge with detailed medical terms.

Medical Assistant 1B

Medical Assistant 1B: Medical Assisting in Action

It’s time to grab your latex gloves and snap them back into place so you can get a deeper look into the world of medical assisting! In this course, you’ll explore patient care and procedures, testing and care coordination, pharmacology and safety, and reimbursement and the law. You’ll also narrow your areas of interest so you can better determine what type of medical assisting may be best for you. Are you ready to continue on the road to medical assisting? Grab your lab coat and let’s get going!

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