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Dental Assistant Career Pathway Courses

Dental Assistant 1A

Dental Assistant 1A: Introduction

Are you a compassionate person who genuinely cares about helping others be healthy? Learn how becoming a Dental Assistant can offer you a rewarding career as well as job security. Start with learning the different roles within a dentist’s office, organizations to get involved with, and basic head, neck, and dental anatomy. Learn what it takes to embark on a career sure to provide personal and professional fulfillment.

Dental Assistant 2A

Dental Assistant 2A: Infection Prevention & Pharmacology

Your passion for dentistry has strong roots, and now it’s time to drill even deeper into the pulp of the science. In this course, you will continue to explore the field of dentistry through a work-based learning experience while studying how to maintain a safe environment for patients. You’ll cover prevention, recognition, and management of common dental office emergencies and how to manage patient pain and medications. You’ll learn about microbiology and the modes of disease related to oral care as well as explore specialties in the dental field important responsibilities and guidelines for providers. Let’s continue sharpening your cusp of knowledge as a dental assistant!

Dental Assistant 1B

Dental Assistant 1B: Principles of Clinical Dentistry

You have scraped the surface of how rewarding assistant dentistry can be, and now it’s time to drill deeper into the inner-workings of the role. In Dental Assistant 1b: Principles of Clinical Dentistry, you’ll learn about the daily duties of a dental assistant including the structure of an office visit, managing patient records, and administrative aspects of the role. You’ll also explore how patient health can impact oral health, how to prepare for and perform a patient visit, and how to succeed in a team environment. Let’s continue polishing those skills to become a dental assistant today!

Dental Assistant 2B

Dental Assistant 2B

Course information coming soon!

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