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Biotechnology Biotechnician Career Pathway Courses

Biotechnician 1A

Biotechnician 1A: Introduction

There are so many mysteries that need unraveling in the world today that can help us grow better crops, cure diseases, combat pollution, solve crimes, and so much more. If you love the idea of solving problems to make the world a better place, a career as a biotechnician may be for you. In this course, you’ll learn the basics of lab safety, how to perform tasks crucial to experimentation, biological basics, and about the exciting careers available in the field of biotechnology. Not all heroes wear capes. Some wear lab coats. Grab yours and let’s get started!

Biotechnician 2A

Biotechnician 2A: Moving into the Lab

Are you ready to have an authentic, positive impact on human life? In this course, you will dive even deeper into the role of a biological technician to understand how genetic engineering works. You will explore managing a biotech laboratory, Microscopy and Spectroscopy, mammalian cell culture, what the day-to-day duties of a biotechnician involve, and more. You will also explore experimental design as it relates to genetic engineering to plan your own experiments. Get ready to break down the building blocks of the human design!

Biotechnician 1B

Biotechnician 1B: Advancements in Biotechnology

You’ve scratched the genetic surface of a biotechnician’s world, but now, we’re going to dive deeper into mankind’s future. In this course, you’ll explore essential topics that structure the reality of biotechnology such as the role genetics and epigenetics play in influencing human traits, the creation and purpose of recombinant DNA, and how the human immune response can be tweaked to fight disease. You’ll also explore GMO’s and biofuels and how an idea becomes reality in the biotech industry. Let’s continue learning about how you can change the world in a role as a biotechnician.

Biotechnician 2B

Biotechnician 2B

Course information coming soon!

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