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College & Career Pathways | Personalized Guidance & Support

We have a fantastic team of caring and supportive educators. All B.E.S.T. Academy Charter School staff are passionate about making a difference in students lives, through their tireless dedication and drive to shape the human mind. Get to know our committed team and their role in continuing our tradition of academic excellence.


James Mays

Executive Director, Director of Counseling & Social Emotional Learning

James Mays is an educational leader with knowledge and enthusiasm for innovative and personalized learning. After serving in the U.S. Air Force as a military intelligence specialist, James completed his bachelor's of science and went on to earn his master's of science and California PPS credential in school psychology. While serving as student intervention specialist in LAUSD, James realized the need for connecting and preparing students for college and careers while supporting with foundational social-emotional programs. His passion for developing a school that provides accessibility for each student's college and career aspirations was the framework for building the Brookfield Engineering Science and Technology Academy's mission and vision.  


Alex Soriano

Executive Director, Director of Instruction

Alex Soriano brings more than 20 years of educational, teaching, leadership, and organizational experience to B.E.S.T. Academy. Alex has been instrumental throughout his career in adjusting instruction and assessment to address the needs of all learners. Born and raised in the San Fernando Valley, he attended the University of California at Santa Barbara and started his teaching career in LAUSD where he served as math teacher, department chair, Title I coordinator, academic instructional coach, and administrator. Alex leads through streamlining of culture, adherence to values, and building a capacity through collaboration and student/family engagement. He is determined and passionate in providing alternative learning options and opportunities for students that need the flexibility of an independent learning model that provides access to college and career pathways.   

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