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Courses Designed for
College & Career Pathways

B.E.S.T. Academy high school students engage in customized online curriculum built into their personalized learning paths. With a wide variety of curriculum options, students are offered different online platforms to choose with the freedom to engage in online learning that best suits learning styles. Students are assigned a credentialed school counselor and gain access to a variety of engaging curriculum options and University of California A-G approved courses combined with the instructional support of experienced California-credentialed teachers, learning coaches and 24-7 access to live, online tutoring.

Get the benefits of a flexible, online learning environment in a high school diploma program that is accredited by the Western Association of School and Colleges (WASC)

English Language Arts
  • English 9A, 9B

  • English 10A, 10B

  • English 11A. 11B

  • English 12A, 12B

History & Social Studies
  • American History A,B

  • World History A, B

  • American Government

  • Economics

  • Algebra 1A. 1B

  • Algebra 2A. 2B

  • Consumer Math A, B

  • Geometry A, B

  • Biology A, B

  • Earth Science A, B

  • Chemistry A, B

  • Physics A, B

Physical Education
  • Physical Education 9

  • Physical Education 10

  • Physical Education 11

  • Physical Education 12

World Languages
  • American Sign Language 1A & 1B

  • American Sign Language 2A & 2B

  • Arabic 1A, 1B

  • Arabic 2A, 2B

  • Arabic 3A, 3B,

  • French 1A, 1B

  • French 2A, 2B

  • German 1A, 1B

  • German 2A, 2B

HS Electives
  • Art Appreciation​

  • Art History

  • Music Appreciation

  • Theater Studies

  • Creative ​Writing

  • ​Civics

  • Health A & B
  • Individual & Team Sports

  • Medicine

  • Personal Fitness

  • Anatomy & Physiology A & B

  • Marine Science

  • Renewable Energy

  • Space Exploration

CTE Pathway Courses
  • Business Management & Administration Career Pathway CTE Courses

  • Health Science Career Pathway CTE Courses

  • Technology Science Career Pathway Courses

  • Click here to view all Career Pathway Courses.

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