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BEST Academy COVID-19 Updates

The health, safety, and well-being of BEST Academy’s students and staff is paramount. Our COVID-19 Response Guidelines are designed to slow the spread of respiratory infectious diseases (specifically COVID-19), and to establish continuity for student learning during different stages of the schools’ reopening. Please contact BEST Academy if exposure is suspected and/or confirmed at

COVID-19 Response Guidelines

*Updated April 15, 2021

BEST Academy serves students in San Diego, Riverside, Orange and Imperial Counties. The map and COVID-19 response guidelines below will be used to communicate how the school will be operating in each of the counties serviced by BEST Academy. We will closely monitor county, state, and federal guidance to determine each county’s placement on the COVID-19 Response guidelines and information.  

BEST Academy COVID-19 Guidelines.png

County Risk Levels




For a full status list of activities in your county, view the state website.

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